Like all Blogs we have to contend with a certain proportion of comment SPAM.  For those of you not aware of what comment SPAM is, it is basically where people try to promote their site(s) by adding comments to posts with links to their site(s).  These comments never have anything relevant to say about the post but rather contain links back to the Spammers’ websites which typically sell items such as copyrighted software, pornography and drugs.  Their aim is to improve search engine ratings for their sites by virtue of them being linked to by numerous Blogs.

Some of the comments can contain references to illegal sites such as those promoting Child Pornography.  If your Blog should be victim to such SPAM we recommend that as well as moderating and deleting the comments so that they do not appear on your Blog, you should also report the site to Hotline.

Hotline,, provides a secure and anonymous service to report suspicious child pornography.  The reporting feature is easy and simple to use.  If you come across such material either while browsing the Internet, as SPAM in your email inbox or in your Blog comments then do not ignore it, report it.

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