Most Sunday evenings I check my email and prepare for the week ahead.  This evening I happened to look into my spam quarantine to check that there were no real emails there by mistake.  As usual there were the usual spam emails selling me pills to enlarge certain parts of my body, reduce my weight, provide free gambling or offering me riches for helping some widow/son/daughter of the victim of some unjust regime to get their inheritance out of their country.

However, it being Sunday what really struck me as being ironic was my first taste of religious spam.  There were four spam emails which used various religious themed lures to entice me to click on the embedded link.  I have not come across this tact before.  No doubt the links lead to a site which will provide the visitor with a few nasty surprises.  Not having my lab machine to hand I avoided the links.

So with any luck not only will the criminals sending spam incur the wrath of the earthly law enforcement agencies worldwide but perhaps Someone with more celestial powers will now have them in His/Her sights.  If that celestial being needs some practise, He/She can start with those that spam this blog with comment spam.

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