I was interviewed today on the Mooney show on RTE Radio 1.  The topic was about cyber crime and its impact on Ireland.  During the show we talked about the attacks on the CAO website, which I discussed previously, and also on the types of attacks that we see at IRISS-CERT

I also mentioned that there are numerous free anti-virus tools available for people to use on their home computer such as Microsoft Essentials.  There is also some good security information provided by Microsoft and also on the makeITsecure website.

We also discussed the upcoming cyber crime conference that IRISS-CERT is running on the 18th of November.  Registration is free and to register simply email [email protected] with your details.  As mentioned on the show IRISS-CERT is also running a cyber challenge competition called HackEire.  If you feel you have the skills to beat our team and break into our systems then why not enter the competition.

The interview is now available online  with the segment approximately 18 minutes into the piece.

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