Team Cymru is a well respected computer security research organisation and provides a lot of high quality information to the community. 

One of the services they offer is the Team Cymru CSIRT Assistance Program (CAP) which is a service aimed at Computer Security Incident Response Teams at either regional or national level.  The CAP provides these CSIRTS with actionable data on compromised hosts within their constituency allowing them to deal with those systems.  The program is designed so that the right data goes directly into the hands of people who can use that insight.

The more actionable information CSIRTs have the more effective they can be in making the Internet a safer and more secure place for us all.  Team Cymru provide their CSIRT Assistance Program free to teams that qualify to meet their requirements.

So if you are involved in a CISRT you should head over to Team Cymru and have a look at their CSIRT Assistance Program.  It may be the most productive few minutes of your time that you spend this year.

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