Earlier this year I was approach by Kai Roer and asked to take part in a project he was putting together.  He was looking to publish a book on cloud security with insights from people involved in this field from around the world.  I was delighted when he asked me to contribute a number of chapters to the book “The Cloud Security Rules“.  The book looks at many aspects of cloud security which must be addressed when moving systems and data to the cloud.    After many long months of writing, editing and rewriting the book is now available and I am one of a number of security speciliasts from around the world to contribute to the book.  Due to the diverse range of authors the result is a very comprehensive and compelling resource for anyone interested in Cloud Security. 

The book The Cloud Security Rules explains the different aspects of cloud security to business leaders, CxO’s, IT-managers and decision makers. The security principles are the same as before while the implementation and the risks involved are dramatically changed. The book is co-authored by some of the most recognized security specialists and bloggers in the world. The authors are gathered from USA, Europe and Africa, sharing their great knowledge of implementing and securing the cloud.

This book is made to help it easier for you to choose the right cloud supplier as well as setting up and running your critical services in the cloud.”

Other authors that I am honoured to have worked with were;

Kai Roer
Dr. Anton Chuvakin
Margaretha Eriksson
Alistair Forbes
Alex Hutton
Javvad Malik
Wendy Nather
Rob Newby
Kevin Riggins
Eric Schwab
R ‘Doc’ Vaidhyanathan
Lori Mac Vittie
Sanjay Vyas

The book was edited with lots of coaxing, coercion, bribery and infinite patience by Kai Roer and Mourad Ben Lakhoua.   The book is currently available from Clearspace for an excellent value US$24.90.  It will be available on Amazon next week and other outlets in the coming months. 

An interesting aspect to this bookis that all profits from it will be donated to the Open Security Foundation.  The Open Security Foundation run great infosec resources such as the Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) and the DataLossDB.

There is also a blog to support the book and it can be found here.

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