Computer security conceptWell if you do then you should try the HackEire challenge being run by the Ireland’s CSIRT, the Irish Reporting and Information Security Service, as part of their annual Cyber Crime Conference.

The competition is open to teams of up to 4 people in each team.  IRISS have set up a dedicated network with a number of servers on it with each server containing a flag.  The winning team will be the one that gathers all the flags in the quickest time.

The purpose of the challenge is to not only identify Ireland’s top computer security attack team but to also serve as a demonstration as to how your systems can be compromised.  The lessons learnt from the exercise will help those who manage computer systems and networks to better protect and secure them.

So if you know your Nessus from your Nmap why not give it a go?  Entry to the HackEire competition is free as is entrance to the IRISS Cyber Crime Conference.

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