The next ISSA Ireland meeting is scheduled for this coming Friday, the 22nd February, at 12:00 p.m. in the Ballsbridge Court Hotel (formerly the Berkeley Court Hotel).  The topic for this meeting is “Security Breach Reporting and Impact”.  Those of you who are regularly readers of our Blog and newsletter will know that this is a topic close to our hearts.  This meeting is open to all.

Below is an overview of the meeting as per the ISSA Ireland website

Six years ago this month California Senate Bill 1386 was introduced, requiring businesses to inform California residents of security breaches involving their personal information. SB1386 became a model for mandatory reporting legislation across the US and today over three quarters of states have enacted breach reporting legislation. In Europe there have been calls for similar legislation and many organisations have chosen to disclose breaches involving customer or employee data, while other breaches have come to light due to reporting requirements in other jurisdictions. On Friday February 22nd ISSA will host a lunchtime seminar on this topic, looking at the impact of mandatory breach reporting in the United States, both positive and negative, and considering the potential for mandatory reporting in Europe.

Our featured speaker will be Phil Dunkelberger, CEO of PGP Corporation and long-time supporter of ISSA. Phil is a well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur and headed the original “PGP Inc” start-up formed in 1996 to commercialise PGP encryption. Following the purchase and subsequent abandonment of the PGP technology by Network Associates, Phil led a buy-out in 2002 and formed PGP Corporation which has since launched a highly-successful suite of encryption products and grown to over 300 employees.

On February 22nd Phil will present the results of a PGP survey on the cost of security breaches in the UK. The research, conducted with the Ponemon Institute, examined the financial impact of breaches involving customer records, ranging in scale from 2,500 to over 125,000 customer records. This report is certain to spur further debate regarding data loss incidents and this event will provide a first look at this valuable data.

In addition to his role with PGP, Phil is a director of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance (CSIA), a lobbying group that aims to shape US and EU public policy around information security. Based on his knowledge of EU initiatives in this area we have asked Phil to provide a view on the potential for mandatory reporting within the EU, in particular looking at the proposed requirement for breach disclosure in the telecoms and ISP sectors and whether these could lead to wider reporting.

Following Phil’s presentation we will have an open discussion on the potential benefits and negative consequences of breach disclosure, an idea which we know has many strong proponents and opponents among our members.

This event will be held in the Grosvenor Suite of the Ballsbridge Court Hotel (formerly the Berkeley Court) and will begin at 12 noon, with lunch provided. To register please email [email protected].

I look forward to seeing some of you there and hopefully engaging in some lively and interesting debate.


ISSA IRELAND is pleased to announce a second speaker for our chapter meeting on this Friday, Feb 22nd.  Achim Klabunde is a policy officeer with the European Commission in Brussels where he is responsible for privacy and trust within the Directorate General for Information Society and Media. He is the EC’s key representative in discussions on breach reporting and has led the development of proposals for mandatory disclosure in the ISP and telecoms sectors.

We are very grateful to Achim for taking the time to travel to Dublin for this event and hope you can attend to hear his views on breach reporting in the EU, as well as an overview of the current proposals which directly affect ISPs and telecom providers.

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