On Friday I was interviewed by RTE News on the dangers of using free wifi hotspots and what you can do to protect yourself. This is something Lee covered before on this blog.

The interview was as a result of the wonderful James Lynne from Sophos. James has done warbiking in various cities. This video is from his experiments in London


Talking about the results of his trip around Dublin James says that Dublin City is WiFi Saturated. Interestingly only 4% of networks in Dublin were using WEP, compared to 9% in other cities. James also set up a fake hotspot to see how many people would connect to it. Despite being warned the network was not secure over 1,000 people connected to the fake hotspot. Interestingly James noted that 9% of people connecting used a VPN or other secure means to connect, much better than the average in other cities which was 2%.

So why the figures are better than in other cities there is still a long way for us to go to make our wireless networking more secure.

James and I were interviewed by RTE News and you can get more information and see the video of the interview here.


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