EU Proposed Internet Crime Hotline

Apparently the EU is proposing an Internet crime hotline so people can report online crimes to Europol.  The Irish Justice Minister, Dermot Ahern, supports the move.  While I support any moves to make the lifes of cyber criminals more difficult I do find it frustrating that our own government does not see fit to set up a CERT to provide for users of the Irish Internet space.


  1. Hello,
    I maked advertisement on ebay intel xeon server for sale. Somebody call me and he set he will buy it for 1650 EUR if I send it to Spain he set if I register on and how I give them receipt from UPS they will give me Money. I ask on that site about that I can give you all emails with trustauctions and with costumer
    Name : Karl Corero
    Address : Calle Cronista Revest Nr 14 Bis Puerta 3D
    City : Castellon Dela Plana
    Country : Spain
    Zip Code : 12005

    last week was server send and this website trustauction doesn’t exist.
    Can you help me?

    Martin Scherbaum

  2. Brian Honan says:


    I think you best course of action is to report the matter to eBay and/or to report the matter to the police.



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