Up to 100 IT and data security professionals, including C-level executives, have signed up to GiveADay, a non-profit organisation which looks to help charities with their IT, security and data privacy needs.

Charities such as Cancer Research, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Future First have already signed up ahead of the scheme’s official launch which will take place on October 9 at the IP EXPO Europe event being held at the ExCel convention centre in London.

GiveADay, founded by Amar Singh and Hemang Patel, has been inviting a wide range of professionals to offer their services for some time now, via social media, and has already built up an impressive collection of volunteers that reads like a who’s who of infosec.

Some of the stars who have already offered their time and expertise, covering areas such as security awareness and data security guidance, include:

  • our very own Brian Honan
  • independent advisor, international speaker and PCI expert Neira Jones
  • Aviva CISO Sarah Clarke
  • Edward Tucker, head of cyber security at HMRC
  • David West, MD at Miller West Consulting
  • Jim Shields, Twist & Shout Communications
  • Eskenzi PR director Neil Stinchcombe
  • Badenock & Clark principal consultants Jason Waterman and Jason Shankaradasan

Following the official launch, GiveADay will be looking for more professionals to register their interest in contributing to its cause and will match the skills made available to it with the specific needs of the charities it is in contact with.

GiveADay CEO Amar Singh said:

“Charities are in a particularly vulnerable position – they hold a lot of sensitive data on both their services users and their donors. In addition, they are still subject to the same fines from the ICO as any other company and are subject to far more rigorous requirements to report a breach. The requirement to report breaches to the ICO results in disproportionate fines to the ’Third’ sector plus the stigma of adverse publicity that can severely impact on operations and fundraising ability. We want to support charities to protect the vast quantities of sensitive data they hold with professional advice and training”

With UK charities holding personal and sensitive data on around 3 in 4 people, the challenges they face are immense and comparable with those experienced by other organisations within the corporate sector. With the help of GiveADay, charities will be better equipped to deal with the increasing demands they must face at a time when data security is very much in the news.

GiveADay’s mission has already been met with much enthusiasm by the charity sector with Martyn Croft, co-founder of the Charities Security Forum (CSF) saying:

“For GiveADay to facilitate easy access to freely given expertise in this way is a fantastic opportunity for all charities to further enhance the information security so essential in their work.”

Speaking for Cancer Research UK, CISO Mark Green said:

“Trust is vital to charities and GiveADay will provide valuable support for them to do the right job, get the basics right and continue achieving their goals.”

If you have some spare time and wish to lend your IT or security skills to GiveADay, or are able to sponsor the movement, please get in touch with Amar Singh at info @ giveaday.co.uk.

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