Search giant Google is looking for IT security experts to help make the internet safer for everyone.

The company recently posted a “Security Advice Survey” online, asking security professionals to submit their best tips and tricks for staying safe on the web.

Rob Reeder of Google’s User Experience Research Team, wrote on the company’s online security blog:

“At Google, we’re constantly trying to improve security for our users. Besides the many technical security features we build, our efforts include educating users with advice about what they can do to stay safe online. Our Safety Center is a great example of this. But we’re always trying to do better and have been looking for ways to improve how we provide security advice to users.

That’s why we’ve started a research project to try to pare down existing security advice to a small set of things we can realistically expect our users to do to stay safe online. As part of this project, we are currently running a survey of security experts to see what advice they think is most important.

If you work in security, we’d really appreciate your input. Please take our survey here:

With your input we can draw on our collective expertise to get closer to an optimal set of advice that users can realistically follow, and thus, be safer online. Thanks!”

The survey itself asks a variety of questions, including “What are the top 3 pieces of advice you would give to a non-tech-savvy user to protect their security online?” and “What are the 3 most important things you do to protect your security online?”

The questionnaire then goes on to enquire about your hardware, such as when your computer was bought, and also about your use of security software and the installation of operating system patches.

Other questions are based around the use of passwords, how those credentials are stored and remembered and whether a dedicated password manager is used.

The survey also asks whether experts make use of two-factor authentication for any of their online accounts they use as well as whether or not web addresses are confirmed as being genuine and awareness of HTTPS.

If you have 5 minutes spare and some experience in the field then please take a look at the survey and share your expertise – it will help Google and, hopefully, that will translate into a better and safer experience for other web users in the future.

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