Following on from the recent breach at the Israeli Defence Ministry, IT Security Guru ran an article called “Israeli PM calls for internet United Nations“. I was asked to provide some commentary on the proposal. I commented on how I disagree with the idea that was proposed by Mr Netanyahu.
In the article I said

“I would have grave concerns with the concept of the internet being governed by a coalition of private firms. The strength of the internet is that it is borderless and enables effective information sharing. If we try to restrict that information sharing, we undermine the very principles, freedoms, and advantages that the internet gives us.

“While there are many challenges with how individuals, groups, and indeed nation states are undermining the security of the internet I do not believe setting up one body to rule how we all use the internet is the solution.

“What we need are proper resources given to law enforcement agencies around the world to tackle the scourge of cybercrime, more countries to adopt tougher cyber crime laws, and better education aimed at individuals and businesses.”

Other contributors also voice their opinions on the topic and the article is well worth a read.

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