Marie Boran from The challenged me recently to steal her identity.  I had to work within the following parameters;

  • I could do nothing illegal
  • I could only use information gleaned from online sources
  • I could not contact or collaborate with any of her friends or colleagues.

So to this end our keyboards at dawn challenge began and I fired up Google to see what I could find out about Marie.  Suffice it to say that after much searching and cross referencing I was able to gather enough information to build up a false identity in her name.  The information I got included

  • Her name
  • Her date of birth
  • Her father’s name
  • Her Mother’s name
  • Her home address
  • Her education details
  • Her professional details
  • Personal information on what her likes and hobbies were and also what blusher she likes to wear. 

Marie has provided a write up of the challenge on The

For those of you outside of Ireland would the above information be enough to steal the identity of someone in your country?

About the Author: bhimport

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