Yesterday Aaron Couch of recognised 10 computer security blogs which he feels are well suited to people who don’t see computer security as being of primary interest to them.

It is with great pleasure that I note Security Watch has been given an honourable mention amongst such esteemed company as –

  • Naked Security
  • Krebs on Security
  • Troy Hunt
  • ThreatTrack Security Labs blog
  • Veracode Security Blog
  • Security Bistro
  • Facecrooks
  • Darknet
  • Microsoft Malware Protection Center
  • Security Bloggers Network

as well as –

  • J4vv4D
  • Dark Reading
  • Lenny Zeltser
  • and The Stay Safe Online Blog.

I agree that all of the above blogs deserve recognition for the way in which they serve quality articles and news stories in a way that non-security personnel can easily digest.

As with any top 10 list, however, I feel that there can always be additions and here are a few of my own recommendations:

IT Security Guru

IT Security Guru is a site that I have only become familiar with in the last few months. Previously the site offered up headlines, links and short stories so that information security professionals could quickly find what they were looking for, primarily on external sites.

Lately, the addition of Dan Raywood to their ranks has led to an improvement in my opinion with the site now offering up longer news stories as well as some great videos with industry leaders.

Graham Cluley

Many of you will already be familiar with Graham through his long-term association with Sophos and their Naked Security blog.

Since leaving the Abingdon-based security company Graham has continued providing the same quality of in-depth, but easy to read, news reporting on his own site

Help Net Security

Help Net Security may appeal to a slightly different audience as I would suggest they are more in tune with industry insiders.

Mirko, Zeljka and Berislav produce many articles each and every day and security news certainly makes up part of the mix. Of more interest to some, I suspect, are the wealth of articles they publish which come from recognised industry experts, including our very own Brian Honan.

The Register

If you are looking for the latest security news in an easy to understand format then you could do far worse than visit The Register.

Here you will find one of my favourite writers – John Leyden – as well as some of the most cleverly constructed headlines to be found anywhere on the web.

Security Affairs

If you are looking for security articles that offer a little more in terms of depth and analysis then I would recommend that you check out Pierluigi Paganini’s Security Affairs blog.

With over 20 years experience in the security industry it is immediately obvious that Pierluigi has an expert level of knowledge that is, perhaps, only matched by his enthusiasm for the topic.

Of course there are hundreds more security blogs on the net and we all have our own favourites – which ones would you be quick to recommend to your non-security friends? And do you have any favourites of a more technical nature?

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