Like everyone else that has one, there is a good chance that you are doing more of your computing on your smartphone then you are on your home computer. Or, if you are not using your smartphone, then you might be using the tablet that you have at the house.

These devices are becoming great accessories to have around your house along with your computer. While there is still a lot of things that you would not want to do on a tablet or a smartphone, there is a lot that they will allow you to do away from the computer.

There is a good chance that you have had your computer a lot longer than you have had any of these newer devices though. Even if your computer is new there is still a good chance that you transferred the data that you had on your old computer onto the new one. And if that is the case then there is a good chance that you have the passwords (which are complex, using numbers, letters and symbols I hope) that you use on a daily basis while you are surfing online stored away somewhere in that data.

But what about when you surf the web on your smartphone or tablet?

Or what about when you install apps on these devices that need to have a password for them to be able to function?

Do you still have a safe way to be able to keep your passwords on these devices?

If not then you really need to think about finding a way to do it because your passwords are important and if anyone else is able to get their hands on them then you might be in real trouble.

There are a lot of people who would just have a notepad file and store their password on their computer (or, worse still, write then down on a sticky note that they attach to their machine). That is just a really bad idea. Anyone who wanted to can just come up to your computer and look at the data. Then they would be able to access any site under your account. These same people who store passwords like that are most likely doing the same thing when it comes to their smartphones and tablets too.

And that is an even worse idea than doing it on your computer.

Your smartphone and your tablet are devices that you take with you while you are on the go. You not only walk around with them but you use them in public as well. And if you were to ever lose them then your information is available to the next person who picks it up. And that means your passwords, if not stored safely, are available to them as well.

That is why you need to make sure that you have a safe way to be able to store your private passwords. If you do not then all it takes is one lost phone and your data will be everywhere.

That’s why you should use one of the password programs on the market to store your login credentials (you do use a different password for every site you sign up with, right?). You can use programs such as KeyPass and 1Password to be able to keep your passwords safe. These programs allow you to be able to store your passwords in an encrypted database. And not only that, these programs also have mobile equivalents as well. This means that you will be able to store your passwords in an encrypted format on your mobile devices too. So, even if you were to lose your device, the person who finds it would not be able to access your passwords because they are in the encrypted database.

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