Some more information on the TJX Hack.  It now looks like the attack happened earlier than expected and TJX have admitted that it is quite possible Irish shoppers at the TK Maxx shops have been compromised.  The Register and The Washington Post have details on the story. 

Irish customers concerned about their details can call a special helpline on 0800 77 90.  They should also regularly check their account to see if there are any suspicious transactions occurring and notify their financial institution as soon as they suspect something.  Consumers can also regularly check their own credit rating using services such as Experian

It is important to remember that this breach is on data gathered within the various shops within the TJX group and is not necessarily from credit card gathered online. It highlights the care that companies need to have on the storage of sensitive data, no matter where it is sourced from.

There are already a number of lawsuits against TJX pending in the US.  Maybe these lawsuits and customers moving their business elsewhere may be a bigger driver for companies to get their information security in order rather than the PCI Standards

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